The art of keeping your opinion to yourself

Have you ever met someone who always had an opinion about everything? Whether you talk about the weather, your workout routine, your struggles at work, your dating life, or the government, it seems like they always have something to say.

We all have opinions. But sometimes, it’s better to keep your opinions to yourself.

Why should you keep some opinions to yourself?
While sometimes it is nice to hear others’ opinions in order to expand our worldview and gain new perspectives, always having an opinion can become irritating and even offensive.

Sometimes you might be sharing your opinion based on your experiences. However, everyone’s experience of the world is different, even if it is regarding a similar situation. Age, location, preferences, personality, and a host of other variables massively change everyone’s experience of the same thing.

So let someone ask you for your opinion. If you are trying to be helpful, let someone ask you for your opinion before sharing it. And if they don’t ask, and you think they might be making a mistake, it’s okay. Firstly, maybe your choice isn’t what is right for them. Secondly, life is meant to be lived and mistakes are meant to be made. Without mistakes, we wouldn’t learn and grow as individuals. Sometimes we have to learn things for ourselves.

What topics should you keep your opinions to yourself?

There are some topics where it is best to keep your opinion to yourself. These are usually very intimate and based on each individual’s life situation, personal preference, personality, and maybe even finances.

Here are some topics to avoid sharing your opinion on, unless you are explicitly asked for advice:

1. Relationships & Children

An extremely personal matter, getting into relationships or starting a family is something that is very intimate and depends a lot on timing, mental health, financial health, and a host of other variables. For some, this might even be a very triggering topic. So, it’s best to let others navigate their relationships and settle down when it is time for them.

2. Money

There is no right or wrong way to spend money. You might save money your entire life, only to never have a chance to enjoy it later. Or, maybe you spend too much and have no savings when you need it later. Everyone has to make decisions based on what they think is right because nothing is ever certain.

3. Education

Traditional school isn’t the right choice for everyone. We are all different in our life goals, skills, and opportunities. Education for some might look like getting a master’s degree, but for others, it might be spending a summer learning to make pasta from scratch.

4. Health and diet

Some people look fit but are actually far from healthy. Others might look overweight but are very active. For some, a vegan diet is the best. Others, don’t get the nutrients they need. Let everyone make their own choice because everyone’s body is different.

Even then, know that others might not agree with your opinion, and that is okay.

How to keep your opinions to yourself when you have one

1. Be Reserved With Your Opinions

If you have a strong opinion about something, whether it is about the world in general or about someone’s life choices, make sure you only share it with those who want it. Let them ask you what you think before you share your thoughts and your opinion.

2. Change the Topic

When you have a strong opinion that you know might be taken badly, but it’s hard for you to keep it to yourself, change the topic. Try to shift the focus to something neutral like food, the decor, or anything else. Be careful about sharing your wisdom.


It’s easy to form opinions about everything, but it’s hard to accept that your opinion might not be right for everyone. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your opinion, but only when it is asked for. So, be wary of sharing your wisdom; only impart it to those who respect it and want it.

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