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Discover How You Can Deliver a Speech That Will Earn You The Respect and
Admiration of Any Audience

Learn The Time-Proven Techniques That
Guarantee That You Too Can Become
A Confident and Persuasive Public Speaker

Dear Friend,

You are just moments away from discovering how you can give a confident and persuasive speech to any audience, at any time. You will see your confidence soar as you use the expert time-proven techniques that are revealed to you. You will learn how to prepare and deliver a speech that will hold your audience’s undivided attention from first word to last.

And you will truly overcome your fears of standing up and speaking in public.

So stop worrying!

Just imagine how wonderful it would make you feel to have any audience hanging on your every word. How would you like to be able to give a speech that will inspire your audience and motivate them to take the exact actions you desire? And how would you like to actually look forward to talking to a group of any size, on any occassion?

Well within minutes you can be taking the first exciting steps to a new confident and inspiring you!

Discover The Secrets of Confident Public Speaking

Sound too good to be true?

Well it would be understandable if you thought so. But really there is nothing to stop you from joining all the other successful people who have learned the essential skills of speaking in public. You are just moments away from taking that all important first step!

Let’s be honest here – it’s pretty certain that at some point in your life you are going to have to give a speech or make a presentation of some sort. It might be a Best Man’s speech at a friend’s wedding, a presentation at a business meeting, or you might just want to get up and say thank you at some time in your life.. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to do a good job, right?

Well you’re one of the lucky ones because you are now in a position to make sure that it all works out just as you want!

You won’t have to worry about letting down your friends, colleagues or loved ones. You’ll have no need to doubt your own ability to make a memorable speech.You’ll have no nagging voices in your head digging away at your morale.

No, you’ll know exactly what to do!

Learn How to Give a Speech That Will
Inspire and Motivate Any Audience

You will have the confidence and ability to say exactly the right things and get just the reaction you want. Your audience, no matter who they are, will be enthralled and will want to thank you and praise you. And they will remember you for all the right reasons.

Just think how proud that would make you feel!

But let’s not get carried away here!

The chances are that you are feeling just like the vast majority of other people at the moment. In recent surveys the number one fear of those asked was speaking in public. So you are certainly not on your own if you have that fear.

But the saddest thing is that most people will carry their deep anxiety with them right through their life. They will have times when they have to give a speech of some sort, maybe it won’t happen until they come to retire and have to give a thank you speech for the gifts they receive, but it’s almost certainly going to happen. And equally certainly they will suffer all the unpleasant effects brought on by their fear.

You know the sort of thing! The sweat on the brow, the trembling hands, the butterflies or feelings of nausea in the stomach. Some people are even physically sick or pass out!

But you don’t have to be like that!

You Will Learn How to Overcome
All Your Public Speaking Fears

You see you are not born with this fear, you simply learn it by your experiences – you become conditioned. But the great thing is, that you can unlearn it. And you can start doing so right now!

You now have an opportunity that so many others out there would love to get their hands on. In a few minutes from now you can be reading the first info-packed words of “How To Become A Confident and Persuasive Public Speaker”.

You just have to take action.

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Not convinced yet? That’s OK, after all why should you take such an important step without finding out more?

Well let me tell you, this really is a chance for you to change your life for the better. You can be just like so many others that have benefited from this amazing information over many years.

You see, “How To Become A Confident and Persuasive Public Speaker” is not one of those books written by some fly-by-night, here-today-gone-tomrrow type. No, it was written back in the 1960s by an acknowledged expert in the field who has put literally thousands of students through his public speaking courses.

Learn The Expert Techniques For
Delivering The Perfect Speech

“How To Become A Confident and Persuasive Public Speaker” features over 100 time-proven practical exercises that are guaranteed to boost your confidence and get you following precisely the same steps taken by so many successful students before you to become an accomplished speech maker.

And “How To Become A Confident and Persuasive Public Speaker” is written in such an easy-to-understand, story telling manner that you will be enthralled and entertained at the same time as discovering the secrets of becoming that assured, confident person you always wanted to be.

Here’s just some of what you will find:

How to give your speech an effective structureWhere to find the content for your speeches that your audineces will lap upHow to get your audience on your side and willing you to succeedWhat facts you simply must include in your talk to take it to new levelsHow to arrange your speech so that it simply flowsHow to use visual aids to outstanding effectThe secrets of illustrating your speechHow to grab your audience’s attention and keep itHow you can earn the right to speakHow to generate empathyHow to use your body to boost your effectivenessWhere to look… and where not toHow to win the mind of the listenerHow to use what others have said before to great effectThe secret ingredients of a persuasive speechHow to create vivid word pictures to capture your listener’s mindsHow to stimulate the desire to actHow to ensure that your audience takes the action you want them toWhen and how to use notesWhy choosing the right subject is so vitally importantHow not to scare your audience awayHow understanding human nature will ensure your successThe importance of feeling just rightThe character traits that will make you supremely persuasiveHow to use your voice effectivelyHow to put “hills and valleys” into your speechHow to be sure you sound just right before you even give your speechWhy fear can spoil your speech and the simple techniques to control itThe true meaning of showmanship and how it can help youThe importance of how you lookWhat things can distract your audienceHow you can use adversity to your advantageHow you can easily unlearn the fear of public speakingHow to deal effectively and unnoticed with unexpected changesHow to boost your confidenceAnd much, much more…

See The Amazement Of Your Family and Friends
When They Discover Your New Skills

There really is so much in “How To Become A Confident and Persuasive Public Speaker” that you can’t fail to reap huge benefits. In fact not only will it ensure that you become a supremely confident and persuasive public speaker but it will boost every aspect of your public life. Your conversations will become more exciting and inspiring as you become the assured person that you really want to be.

And your family, friends, and colleagues will be amazed at the new confident person in their midst.

You simply won’t look back!

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Discover The Essential Qualities of Every Great Speaker

So go on make that decision today to take control and learn to speak confidently in public. It will open up so many doors to you that you will never look back.

To help you decide here’s some more of what you will discover when you grab your copy of “How To Become A Confident and Persuasive Public Speaker”.

 The essential qualities of every good speaker The simple drill to ensure you overcome your fear How to get your audience absorbed and involved in your speech Discover the 3 S’s of Great Public Speaking The 5 natural elements of persuasion What “Contagion of Emotion” is and how & why to use it The 6 essential questions you must ask yourself before you use quotations Why enthusiasm is so important…and when it can become a hindrance The secret 3 step process for using gestures effectively What really gets an audience to act Why using the personal touch will work wonders and get your audience saying “I’m with you!”

Discover How To Become An Expert Speech Maker

You truly will learn how to get your audience to “lean forward with wide eyes and parted lips” and acclaim you as a great speech maker.

With all that fantastic advice and guidance included I guess you might be wondering what it’s going to cost you. Well to be honest there are so many practical, easy to implement, proven strategies that if you were to take a course with just some of the content it would probably cost you over $500. But I’m not going to ask you to pay anything like that!

But there are workbooks and manuals out there that offer nothing like the quality of information, and the entertainment value of “How To Become A Confident and Persuasive Public Speaker” that you would have to pay around $99 for. So it would surely be reasonable to expect you to pay smething similar. It would, wouldn’t it?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to answer that question!

Because I want you to get your hands on this life-changing collection without having to go to that sort of expense. So you get everything you have just read about for the internet special price of only $37!

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This is an opportunity that you really shouldn’t let pass you by and because I’m so sure that you will get so much from it I’m going to include two free bonuses that will make your learning experince that much more fruitful.

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This collection of tips and advice will boost your public speaking skills to make you an even more accomplished speaker.It will take you step by step through prepaing your speech, how to approach your audience, etc. It’s bang up to date and will compliment and add to the great advice you get in “How To Become A Confident and Persuasive Public Speaker”

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You see I’m so sure that you will benefit from “How To Become A Confident and Persuasive Public Speaker” that I really don’t want you to risk a single cent of your own money. So here’s my outrageous offer. I’m going to guarantee that if you don’t benefit from everything you read that I’ll give you a full, no quibble refund. That’s right,

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Can I say fairer than that?

So it’s up to you now. For just $37 you can discover everything you need to become the confident and assured public speaker you always wanted to be. Your fears and doubts will become a thing of the past. You will be a changed person. Or you can decide to pass up this opportuity and carry on just as you’ve always been.

“Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.” – Emerson

So order “How To Become A Confident and Persuasive Public Speaker” today and you will truly never look back.

Whatever you decide I wish you well and hope that life brings you all that you desire,

Best Wishes,


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