How to Believe in Yourself to Become Unstoppable

“Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.”

Have you ever wished you could be the better version of yourself? Whether that’s the person who prioritizes their fitness, achieves their goals, hits their financial goals, spends time with their family, or all of the above?

You may even begin to take action towards these goals and you pursue them for a few days, but then something happens, you fall sick or have a bad day, and you stop.

If only you had something that could keep you going, to continue taking the right action, to be unstoppable.

So what makes you unstoppable? Believing in yourself.

The key to improvement lies in you. The moment you believe that you can get the result you want, you will take action toward it. It’s when we let self-doubt creep in, that we succumb to excuses like laziness or procrastination. So how can you believe in yourself?

Reflect on Your Past Successes

Highs and lows are inevitable in life. Due to something called the Negativity Bias, we humans tend to focus on our failures or what went wrong, rather than what went well. This reduces our confidence which affects our behavior.

To regain that confidence, take some time to write down all your past successes. If you feel stuck, start listing out the small wins like eating healthy or sleeping on time. As you start thinking about the things you have been doing well, more of your successes will come to mind. Spend time thinking about your achievements and let that give you the assurance that you can succeed!

Trust in Yourself

To achieve your goals, you have to trust that you can do it. Trusting yourself means knowing that you can rely on yourself. This self-trust comes when you stick to what you say you are going to do. For example, when you say that you are going to go to the gym after work, but you don’t end up going, not only does it keep you further from your goal, but it also damages your self-trust.

Thus, regain your trust in yourself by taking your commitments to yourself seriously. Reduce your number of commitments, learn to say “no”, and stick to a schedule.

Know Your Strengths
In order to believe in yourself, you have to be aware of and confident in your abilities, skills, and strengths. Remember, this doesn’t mean you have to be good at everything. However, it’s important to know what you are good at. Spend some time reflecting on your strengths as a person.

If you feel stuck, ask your close friends and family what they think you are good at. You can even ask your co-workers what they see as your strengths.

Always Get Back Up

As said before, life has its share of ups and downs. There will be challenges, struggles, and moments of failure. However, to build your self-belief, you have to be committed to getting up every time you fall down and facing your failures. Doing this will build your self-belief as you get in the habit of overcoming bigger and bigger obstacles, truly becoming unstoppable.

Ignore Criticism

It’s easier to believe in yourself when people are supporting you. However, sometimes people will disagree with you, criticize you, and doubt you. This is when it’s incredibly important to believe in yourself. You are your biggest motivator. Stop paying attention to naysayers and focus on your goals.


In order to truly be unstoppable, you have to take consistent action toward your goals. But, you can only do this when you truly believe in yourself. So start giving yourself more credit than you do, focus on your strengths, and lift yourself up. You can do it!

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