5 ways to distance yourself from those who disrespect you

Have you ever realized that when you are near a positive person, you tend to be more optimistic
and hopeful about life, too? But, if you’re around someone who tends to focus on the problems,
complains, and has a hopeless attitude towards life, you start to feel more negative too.

We are deeply affected by the energy and attitude of the people we are surrounded by.
That’s why it’s incredibly important to be wary of who you spend time with, rely on for support,
and share your thoughts and feelings with.

Sometimes, we can find ourselves in relationships with people who disrespect us. You might
feel like they’re always quick to criticize you, “joke” about you, or undermine your achievements.
If you feel good, you can count on them to take away this feeling. If you know someone like that,
it might be a sign to distance yourself from them.

How to Distance Yourself From Someone

1. Physically Distance Yourself

The easiest way to create distance between you and someone is to avoid meeting that person. Try not to go to restaurants, stores, or coffee shops where they usually go. Doing this can also help you find new places and meet new people! If you know mutual friends, try to limit the places that the other person is going to, too.

2. Keep Conversations Short

Of course, you might end up finding yourself face-to-face with this person, especially if you have mutual friends or live in the same neighborhood. If you do end up around this person, limit your interactions with them and keep it brief. Keep your conversations short, but polite. Try not to expand on the things you say. Remember, you wanted to distance yourself from this person for a reason.

3. Limit Digital Communication

In our hyper-connected world, it’s not enough to just distance yourself physically from someone. You also have to distance yourself digitally. Remove them from your social media accounts, delete their number, and if you have to, block them too. This might feel extreme, but it is hard to emotionally distance yourself from someone if you keep seeing updates about their life on social media.

4. Move Forward

Distancing yourself from this person can create a lot of time and space in your life. This is the perfect time to think about how you would like to fill this space. What would you like to do now? How would you like to spend your time? What kind of people do you want to get to know? Is there something you were interested in that they never wanted to do?

This is the perfect opportunity to not only spend more time doing what you love while also getting to know new people with similar interests.

5. Practice Self Care

Finally, when you are distancing yourself from someone, remember that it might feel extremely painful. You are ending a relationship, and even if it was one filled with disrespect, it can hurt. Sometimes, practicing self-care looks like saying no and setting boundaries.

Take this time to pay attention to yourself and love yourself a little more. Self-care involves doing things that bring you happiness and health, both mental and physical. It involves listening to your needs and meeting them. Especially when you are in pain, like missing someone who was once close to you, it is important to practice self-care so that you can find that source of positivity within you. Focus on things that make you feel fulfilled, whether that is taking a walk, sleeping in, reading a book, meditating, or making yourself a wholesome meal.


Letting go of people, even if they were hurtful, can be painful. It takes time, so be extra kind to
yourself. Take it slow and practice focusing on yourself.

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