10 Traits You Need for a Successful Relationship

We grow up watching romcoms or Disney movies that idealize relationships and make them look perfect. However, the reality is that no relationship is always perfect and problems arise in every relationship. Thus, every relationship requires work from both people involved. Here are 10 important traits of a successful, long-lasting relationship.

1. Mutual respect

Every healthy relationship requires mutual respect, where your partner values your thoughts, beliefs, and opinions. A respectful partner recognizes your wants, needs, feelings, and boundaries, and supports you in your work and your goals.

2. Safety

For a relationship to work out, couples must feel safe with their partner. This means they don’t feel threatened, afraid, or feel like they have to protect themselves from their partner, whether it is physically, emotionally, or even financially.

3. Honesty

A healthy relationship is built on honesty. It’s important not only to be honest with your partner, but also with yourself. Sometimes it can seem like a good idea to avoid little details in order to preempt conflict, but in the long run, it leads to feelings of distrust, betrayal, and disappointment.

4. Communication

One of the strongest pillars of a good relationship is good communication. Each partner should speak honestly and openly to avoid miscommunication. Being able to handle disagreements and talk about tough topics is an important trait in a successful relationship. Your partner should be able to talk to you freely, with respect, and without being afraid that you will get mad

5. Commitment

For any relationship to work, both partners need to be equally committed to putting in effort and energy when things get challenging.

6. Support

Being in a relationship is like being in a team. A healthy relationship is one where both partners support, encourage, and lift each other up. Whether you are celebrating a win or going through a difficult time, having someone with you alongside it all to listen to you and be there with you is key to a successful and happy relationship.

7. Independence

While every couple is a team, a healthy relationship also means that each person retains their individuality. Healthy couples don’t spend every minute with each other. Maintaining a healthy sense of separation, by having a life outside of your relationship with separate hobbies or different friends, is important for both partners to grow as individuals.

8. Boundaries

As a couple, you share a lot of your mental, emotional, and physical energy. So, it’s important to set clear boundaries early on, so that your partner knows what’s acceptable and what isn’t acceptable to you. Boundaries can cover how you want to be treated and what might cause you to feel unsafe or disrespected. Setting boundaries can also include letting the other person know what you are comfortable with sharing in terms of your privacy and personal space.

9. Compromise

Every relationship, even a perfectly healthy one, involves disagreements. After all, a relationship involves two people who have their individual preferences and opinions. Thus, compromise is key to a long-lasting relationship. When you compromise and are willing to take your partner’s feelings into consideration, it shows respect and commitment.

10. Affection

Finally, if a relationship has everything but doesn’t have affection, what’s the point? A quality, fulfilling relationship will be loving, gentle, and affectionate. There is mutual love and both partners show affection. Whether it’s a small gift, a shared dessert, a compliment, or a peck on the cheek, find ways to show your partner you love them.


Meeting on a train and falling in love at first sight like in the movies doesn’t guarantee a happy, lasting relationship. While every relationship is different, here are 10 traits that are indicative of truly strong and happy relationships

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